Sue tagged me with this Lifetime Meme.

10 years ago: I took a Japanese class for part of my University foreign language credit. The entire semester’s grade was based on one final oral exam given by Japanese businessmen from the Toyota plant in Georgetown, KY. My grade was lowered by the examiner because he said I had an American accent when I spoke. I told him he had a Japanese accent when he spoke, and my grade was lowered because I’d broken some social taboo by saying that to a “distinguished professional”. I’d confused tatemae with honne.

I’m just a gaijin, so what do I know? Deru kui wa utareru, that’s what.

5 years ago: I drove to Yellowstone National Park. Or maybe up to Canada for a circle around Lakes Erie and Ontario. It was one or the other. Both trips involved a packed car, tent camping and an inability to get a damn cooking fire started.

1 year ago: I signed up for satellite television after thirteen years of watching two local channels (ABC and NBC affiliates) and saying, “No, I *didn’t* see that show on FOX”.

Yesterday: I sat on the porch and let the cat sleep in my lap.

Today: I plan to go eat supper with my parents and my brother’s family. I can only hope they don’t notice my frequent trips to the ladies’ room, or the enormous flask in my purse.

Tomorrow: More loafing.

5 snacks I enjoy: Swedish Fish. Green seedless grapes. Potato chips. Are there other things?

5 songs I know all the words to: The Happy Birthday Song. Sweet Transvestite. Deck the Halls. Edelweiss. My Favorite Things.

5 things I’d with $100 million: Buy a starter home in Southern California. And a bowling alley. And a theater. And invite the original cast of the film version of Rocky Horror Picture Show to come over and do a live floor show while I screen the film with a hundred of my closest friends. Get some dental work done.

5 locations I’d like to run away to: Is this a trick question?

5 bad habits I have: Inability to rein in my clever wit. Too damn gorgeous for my own good. Stopping traffic with my adorable behavior. Not organizing my vast collection of jewels from admirers. Stealing funny lines from LeeAnn because she is my blog hero.

5 things I like doing: Loafing. Times five.

5 things I would never wear: Gold tennis shoes. On any of my five feet.

5 TV shows I like: Futurama. Family Guy. Sealab 2021. Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Green Acres.

And this concludes our meme-related entry for today. Thanks for flying BSOD airlines.


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