I’d have blogged about RHPS when I got in, but it was four in the morning and us old people need our sleep.

There was a much larger crowd last night than the last time, and nearly everyone was dressed up. There was lingerie, hosiery and exposed body parts galore! The lady next to me was wearing a great pair of pink gogo boots. Trixie thought she looked so great that she gave her a Hershey’s kiss.

After we got split up into Boy/Girl lines for security searching purposes, I found myself standing next to Ozzy. Or was I? He looked like Ozzy, but wouldn’t the real Ozzy come to the show with a couple of people for security reasons? If he looked like the real Ozzy, and it’s LA, he might BE the real Ozzy. “Ozzy” looked over at me and adjusted his crotch, so I quit staring.

Once inside, I went to the ladies’ room. As I came out of the stall, a woman in a green fishnet top saw me and said, “You’re really hot.” I laughed and thanked her while I washed my hands. She continued, “No, really. You’re hot.” Another woman said, “Yeah, I love your bodysuit.”

Of course, I had to get a photo of the green fishnet top lady during the Virgin Sacrifice.

I found her number in my purse this morning.


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