Monthly Archives: August 2005


It’s time once again for Wednesday Wreck of the Week!

I wonder if the tour bus operator got on the intercom system and said, “For those of you on the left side, you can look out your windows and see our new hood ornament…”



I stopped to pick up a penny today. It turned out to be a Canadian penny, so it’s worth, like… 8/10ths of a penny. Had I known, I wouldn’t have bothered.




Shout out to The Almighty Cthulhu on his birthday!


Voice mail from Marukan!

“Your favorite band is more obscure than mine.”


Last night I couldn’t make it out to the weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, so I watched on DVD instead. Just because I couldn’t go out didn’t mean that I was going to miss seeing it, or miss the chance for dressing up. Obviously, I didn’t participate in any of the interactive item throwing (confetti, cards, toilet paper, and what have you) because I’d have to bust out the Hoover, but I did yell out phrases and dance The Time Warp at the appropriate moments.

After the movie started, I looked over and found myself sitting next to the same lady as last week! I knew it was her because I recognized the purse.


A communication has been received!

“You people are slowly killing yourselves and you keep blaming it on the ozone layer. Muah-hahaha!”


At the water cooler:

CCW: So, you’re from Kentucky, right?

Me: Yes.

CCW: Isn’t that where Deliverance was set?

Me: Ummm… no.

CCW: Yes, it was.

Me: No, really. I think it was Georgia because it was set in the Deep South.

CCW: I remember the first time I saw that film and I decided right then and there that I would never visit Kentucky.

Me: How did it affect your decision to visit Georgia?

CCW: Kentucky has rivers, right?

Me: Yes.

CCW: That’s why they set the movie there.

Me: …