After a week of obsessing about what to wear to last night’s showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, Brian and I found coordinating gogo dresses on the clearance rack at Ross. He wore the pink one with white trim and I wore the black one with pink trim. Since he was wearing his pink gogo boots, I borrowed his pair of black ones. Hair was shaved or straightened, makeup was applied, and nails were painted.

When we arrived at the theater, I discovered that my dress rendered me invisible. The security ladies fawned over my lady friend while we waited in line.

Bernie came around to say that anyone dressed as an actual character from the film could go inside the theater ahead of the crowd, but there wasn’t anyone. Next, he said that any man dressed as a woman, or any woman wearing nice lingerie (“not the cheap stuff from the sale rack at Hot Topic”) could go on inside. We just stood there. Bernie scanned the line a couple of times and then noticed my lady friend and said, “Hey, you can go in.” Like the gentleman… er… lady… that he… er… she is… Brian indicated my presence and asked, “What about her?” Bernie finally noticed me standing *right there* *in the same dress*, and shrugged, “Sure. Cute outfits, you two. I like them.”

We strolled to the front of the line, while the other patrons complimented my lady friend on her choice of dress. I was stoked to know that my seven dollar dress had a full Invisibility Charm attached! I could be all Harry Potter and sneak around the castle late at night.

The security lady looked at me and said, “You don’t have any pockets, so I don’t need to frisk you.” I told her she was free to do so, just to keep up appearances for the others still in the line. So she did. I told her she could check me twice, just to be sure, and she did.

A different guy played Frank for the live show, and a girl played Rocky. Several of the men (and women) in the audience nearly passed out during the scene between Janet and Rocky in the lab.

Let’s do the Time Warp Again!


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