Me: Spilled coffee. White shirt. It’s a sign.

B: You can look for bibs at Robinsons-May.

Me: You’re always so helpful.

B: Is your favorite actor Ben Spiller?

Me: …

B: Is your favorite movie The Spilling Fields?

Me: I’m buying ONLY white shirts from now on.

B: Is your favorite Bob Dylan song Leopard Skin Spillbox Hat?

Me: When they said, “Come over a sit a spell”, I heard, “Come over and set a spill.”

B: Is your favorite book To Spill a Mockingbird?

Me: I won the school spilling bee.

B: Is your favorite actor Spill Murray?

Me: That’s enough.

B: Is your favorite actress Tori Spilling?

Me: Sigh.

B: If you were a secret agent, would you have a license to spill?

Me: I’m warning you.

B: Is your favorite condiment a spill pickle?

Me: If I were in a movie, I’d get top spilling.

B: Would you star with Robin Spilliams and Spilly Crystal?

Me: …

B: Do you like to mosh to White Wedding by Spilly Idol?

Me: …

B: Is your favorite work of early English Literature The Spiller’s Tale by Chaucer?

Me: …

B: I have more, but I’ll just put them in your comments after you post this conversation. Because I already know you’ll blog this.


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