Another Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, another chance to see women and men dressed in frilly lingerie, another opportunity to dance the Time Warp in heels and hope that I don’t snap an ankle.

When we arrived, a small group of Transylvanians were gathered outside the theater.

We strolled past them and on to the back of the line, which was queued up around the block. The lady standing next to me had a great manicure.

Each week, one of the cast members comes around to sell prop kits for the show. Each bag contains a light stick, newspaper, rubber glove, balloon, cards, confetti, a noisemaker and a roll of toilet paper. We bought one and inside was a “Go to the VIP Line” card, so we got to bypass thirty minutes of standing with all the other riffraff in the alley.

While in the VIP line, the Creepy Guy who always goes around marking first-timers with a red lipstick stopped next to me and asked, “Is this your friend’s first time to the show?” Considering that last week, my “friend” had been voted “best drag” and had gotten us in first, I was surprised this guy didn’t remember.

Me: Dude. We were here last week.

CG: I remember YOU. I just don’t remember your friend.

Brian: See? You WEREN’T invisible, after all!

CG: I remember your eyes.

Me: …

CG: You have very stare-into-able eyes.

Now I know that the Invisibility Charm of last week’s gogo dress doesn’t work on everyone.

When the VIP line split into a boys line and a girls line, the young guy in front of me didn’t want to leave the older woman next to him. She pointed to the other line, and he reluctantly left, but kept looking back at her. I said, “Is this his first time?” She answered, “Yeah. But he’s French. He doesn’t speak English, so all this is very confusing to him.”

It’s nice to know that RHPS is what American host families show foreign exchange students when they visit the USA.

Happy Birthday, Carol.


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