For the most part, the temperature here is a steady 68 degrees (Fahrenheit, in 2005 dollars), but last week, the mercury in the thermometer soared until it reached a sweltering 70 degrees. Soles of shoes were sticking to the street like jam, people were roasting alive, bursting into flame on the sidewalk, sizzling like eggs in a skillet, and life was just made miserable by the overwhelming heat.

This past weekend, a cold front swept through the area and the temperature was reduced to a frigid 66 degrees. Everyone was grateful for relief from the heat, but were caught unprepared for the rapid change. Sweatshirts were brought out of the closet, furnaces were lit and cars were taken to garages for snow tire installations. Weather personalities on the local news programs issued dire warnings of a second Ice Age.

The cold snap (now known as The Cold Snap of ’05) was so severe that even the trees thought the season had changed to Autumn, and began to drop their leaves.


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