At a red light:

Car: {honks}

Me: {ignores}

Car: {honks}

Me: {looks over}

Car: {driver makes “roll down your window” motions, as if I have a crank handle or something similar}

Me: {rolls down window}

Driver: Hey, I like your bumper sticker!

Me: Thank you!

Driver: I’m unemployed most of the time, too.

Me: {figures out the driver is just nutty and not a fan of The Big Lebowski} Ah… I see. You have a nice car.

Driver: It’s just an illusion.

Brian: It looks pretty real to me.

Driver: {removes sunglasses from visor} It only looks real when I have my sunglasses on.

Me: …

Light: {turns green}

Me: {zooms away}


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