When I was in Kentucky in July, my mother gave me an open bottle of lotion from Bath and Body Works. The scent was from their now-discontinued “Creamy Coconut” collection. After trying it a couple of times, I discovered why it had been discontinued. But, since the lotion itself was so swanky, I thought I’d be doing everyone a favor by taking it to work and adding it to the toiletries collection in the ladies’ room.

I sneaked it in and put it next to the sinks one day when no one was looking. It’s been a couple of weeks now, and all the women in the office have tried it at least once. Currently, the lotion level is stagnant, and the bottle sits there, unused, like a giant keg of Ranch salad dressing from Costco.

The only comment I’ve heard so far is, “That new lotion in the restroom… it’s a bit overly sweet smelling, isn’t it?” Now I’m wondering how long people will let it sit on the counter before someone just chucks the thing into the trash.


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