Last night’s Neil Diamond concert at the Staples Center effectively doubled the number of concerts I’ve attended in my entire life. I’ve now seen as many concerts in Los Angeles as I ever did before moving here.

You know how at my old workplace, people were always making half-hearted gestures towards getting everyone together for an afterhours social event? And no one ever wanted to go, because they’d already spent 40 hours dealing with their insane co-workers over the last week?

Well, at my new workplace, when they say things like, “Here, have a free ticket to a sold out concert” and you find out the ticket is for an executive suite with a TV and a bar and couches and plush leather seats and a spectacular view of the stage, you can’t really say no. And if they give you five tickets and you find out that you can carpool with CCW, who has the VIP Parking Pass and an enormous Tahoe, it’s a difficult offer to pass up.

The suite was close enough for us to throw panties on to the stage. Or, it would’ve been close enough if my aim had been better. My throwing arm needs more practice.


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