My friend Ami Noblog was telling me about the nightmare job interviews she’s been having lately. She’s ridiculously talented and has years of publishing and public relations experience, so you’d think it’d be a snap to step in to a plush new job. The obstacles seem to come in the form of incompetent hiring officials, who sometimes double as The Boss of the position. They just don’t know what they’re missing when they offer her tens of thousands of dollars less than she’s worth (and currently making!).

Interviewer: What I need is someone who can hit the ground running without any training. Someone who can take charge and step in to run the place. And I need that person to know APA Style backwards and forwards.

AN: Haha! Don’t you mean you need someone who knows APA Style backward and forward?

Interviewer: …

AN: …

Interviewer: …

AN: I’ll get me coat.


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