Yesterday, there was a big protest rally scheduled for the area near my office. The World Can’t Wait apparently thought it would be a good idea to encourage high school students to walk out of their classes and congregate en masse near the Federal Building to voice their support to “drive out the Bush regime”. I can’t say I agree with their “report from LA”, which states that “thousands of people” were in attendance, but I do know that Wilshire Boulevard was closed at the 405 freeway entrance and exits.

From what I saw my report from LA would be more like this:

Local police were told that thousands of people were going to be showing up and milling around the Federal Building to chant tired slogans against the President. A major west Los Angeles thoroughfare was then closed in anticipation of hooliganism, as the majority of the participants were to be local high school students. Everyone knows high school students would stage a walk out in favor of fish sticks for lunch if it meant they got out of classes for an hour or two, so the police blocked off several side streets as well.

Critically affected by these activities, local office workers in the Westwood area were angered. Their rage wasn’t against the President, but against the rally organizers who managed to eff up the traffic at quitting time. Even staunch Democrats were overhead to say, “Why can’t these people write a letter of discontent?” “Why are they keeping me from picking up my kids on time?” and “Don’t they know the Bush ‘regime’ will be out in a couple of years anyway?”

Perhaps these methods will work in other parts of the country for this group. But my word of advice to them, should they desire a successful rally here in the future: Don’t mess with rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. If you do, you risk losing support for your cause AND getting a cap placed in your dome.


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