Me: I have four free premium VIP suite tickets to tonight’s LA Kings hockey game.

Napoleon: Lucky!

The suite may well be larger than my place. I know for sure that it has more seating.

My fridge isn’t stocked with eight different kinds of beer and/or six different kinds of soda, either.

When the dessert cart came around, I got a serving of Gourmet S’mores. Yes, that’s right. GOURMET S’mores. Because you can’t be bothered making your own graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow confection while you’re lounging in a plush leather seat and cheering on the Kings.

I brought home a hockey player.

When the Kings score, an eardrum-shattering foghorn blares throughout the arena and a red spotlight shines on the opposing team’s goaltender. The 18,000+ fans (who are all wearing player jerseys (or so it seems)) go completely nuts.

The game was against the Canucks, and the final score was 5-4, with the Kings barely hanging on to the lead they’d gotten when they managed to score twice within a 16-second time span. Very. Exciting.


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