At the risk of alienating my four remaining readers, I present the first ever “Phone Call With My Brother” post:

Brother: How’s the weather out there?

Scooterdeb: Are you kidding?

Brother: No, I’m asking you about the weather.

Scooterdeb: Ummm… it’s been terribly cold.

Brother: Really?

Scooterdeb: Heck, yes! This morning it was almost three below.

Brother: Three below zero?

Scooterdeb: No, three below the usual temperature of 68 degrees.

Brother: …

Scooterdeb: I was almost inclined to put on a light sweater.

Brother: Y’all are big babies out there!

Scooterdeb: Oh, man, today they put out a Severe Weather Warning Bulletin for tomorrow night.

Brother: What sort of severe weather?

Scooterdeb: They’re predicting *up to a half inch* of rain!

Brother: I’m hanging up now.


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