What passes for rain around here started “falling” after lunchtime. I watched some television on my break and “the rain” was the headline news at four o’clock. Reporters were showing “how much” water was “all over the roads”. To me, it looked as if the streets had been slightly dampened, but the reporters assured me this was enough to “set up hazardous conditions” for the drivers.

Next, the reporters interviewed people who had been in motor vehicle accidents because they had “lost control” of their cars in this “horrific weather”. The people were hysterical. Some were sobbing uncontrollably and spoke of the terrible driving conditions.

The reporters (who wore brand-new rain ponchos) told the viewers not to go out unless they had to. I think less than a quarter inch of rain has fallen, yet the grocery store shelves have been cleared of bread and batteries.

All the over-reactors are walking around with umbrellas, as if the fine mist is going soak them on their three-minute jaunt between their SUV and the Starbucks. One woman one the news showed the reporter how she was wearing flip-flops and carrying her shoes inside her purse… so the shoes can get wet from her feet inside instead of from the rain outside?

It’s a wonder I made it home without incident.


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