Christmas shopping with Marukan at Barnes and Noble:

Marukan {picks up latest copy of Time magazine}: I can’t believe they made Bono one of their persons of the year.

Aging Sales Supervisor: Why does it upset you that Bono is person of the year?

Marukan: Because he doesn’t deserve it.

ASS: He most certainly does. He’s a philanthropist.

Marukan: All he’s done lately is dance with children who have AIDS.

ASS {indignant}: Is THAT all you think that he does? Is DANCE with children who have AIDS? He’s TOURED with CONGRESSmen!

Marukan: He only does it for the publicity to further his career.

ASS {turning purple}: You are so young and SO cynical.

Marukan: At least I’m not a fifty year old English major stuck working the bookstore counter at Christmas.

ASS: …

Me {turns to leave with Marukan}: May the spirit of the season be with you.


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