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You know how, when, you have a hobby on the side and you do it for fun and it makes you happy? And then you find out that other people like to do the same thing, so you hang out with them and it works for awhile, but then they wear you out with wanting to have meetings and rules and long discussions about procedures? And you have to start weighing your love of the hobby against the people who take the fun out of it for you? And then you consider giving up your hobby altogether?

Yeah, well blogging is like that for me. I blog for fun. I’ve never claimed to be blogging for any other reason. My blog is as autobiographically accurate as James Frey’s memoir, yet some people insist on using the comments section as a forum in which to publicly ask questions I’ve already answered privately.

Since I enjoy blogging, I’m going to keep doing it. But it’s my house with my rules, and trolls aren’t welcome.

If you have any constructive comments to make regarding my decision, or if you just want to say, “It smells like updog in here”, please e-mail me. My address is the same as it’s always been and it’s publicly listed at the top of the page.



I busted out the new GPS unit and headed off to find my first Geocache this afternoon.

Here’s what I found at the following coordinates:

N 33� 59.469 W 118� 27.922

It’s the site of the orignal Venice library, and there’s a community center there now.

I also found someone goofing off.


Me: Are you going to post that grocery store conversation about Fresh?

Brian: I’m just about to. Unless you want to blog it.

Me: No, because I wasn’t the one that brought up the size of his dick.

Brian: Then you should blog THIS conversation.

Me: OK, I’m finished. Are you done, yet?

Brian: No, I’m still working on it.

Me: Because it’s lengthy?

Brian: Unlike Fresh’s dick.

Me: You’re fixated.

Brian: It’s my Irish-Catholic upbringing. I was reared to have sympathy for those less fortunate than myself.

Me: …


Birthdays in Paris, Kentucky vs. Birthdays in Venice, California – A Brief Comparative Study



2) Based on blog archival information:

Birthday 2003 – Spent the evening in -4 degree weather trying to gather enough snow to melt into water, since the pipes at the house were frozen.

Birthday 2004 – Spent my lunch hour trudging through snow and blistering cold wind.

Birthday 2005 – Spent the day in bed, ate an order of Skyline Chili and watched Alton Brown cook on the Food Network while I waited for the frozen pipes in the house to thaw.


Birthday 2006 – Spent the afternoon walking on the beach. The only frozen water in the vicinity was the ice in my frozen margarita. Pipes flowing freely.

3) Based on blog archival information:

At work 2003 – No half day off due to non-participant status in the so-called “Birthday Club”.
At work 2004 – No half day off due to non-participant status in the so-called “Birthday Club”.
At work 2005 – Summoned to a meeting in which my department was exterminated.


Work 2006 – Surprise party with chocolate cake, candles, ice cream, singing, banners, confetti, presents and no firings.


Baja Cantina: TJ Taxi; Iced tea.



Man. In all the excitement, I completely forgot my own Blogiversary on January 24. There’s now three years worth of crap that I’ve written that’s stored in the archives. Enjoy.


Birthday loot from my friend Margarita at work! w00t!