Looking through the archives, I discovered that most of my funny stories came from incidents that occurred in the workplace. I don’t really have that same sort of dynamic at my new workplace. And by “dynamic”, I mean “demented people whose anger rages just below the surface and they’re all one purchase order away from going over the edge”.

My new workplace is in a financial office. Absolutely no one shows up in the office without an appointment, and most of those folks who do show up are from affiliate offices out of state. While there are local “retail branch offices” that have cashiers and financial advisors, my office isn’t one of those places. My people mostly do research and analysis for corporate mergers and acquisitions. They don’t deal with “private client investment management” or “wealth portfolios”, much to the disappointment to the vast numbers of people who call my extension by mistake (or on purpose, because they “can’t find any other numbers online”).

Today’s wackiest caller was a woman who had a check with our business name on it. Over the blaring trumpets of a mariachi band, she asked me to locate an office IN ARIZONA where she could cash it, and if I could I hurry up and tell her because she’s in Mexico using a calling card and she’s down to thirty pesos, and if I could make sure that the place where she cashes her check allows overnight camper parking.


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