Around noon today, the Director decided he’d like to go to the Rose Bowl. When his assistant located tickets, she told him they had them “in the $1500 to $2500 range”. He pondered the possibilities for a moment, then told her to “pick something in the $2000 range”.

She bought four tickets for $2150 each. He asked if there were “any better seats”, than the four together, ten rows up from the field, on the USC 20-yard line, that she’d already purchased. She called back and found that, sadly, there weren’t “any better seats” to be had on the day of the event, five hours from kickoff.

Around two in the afternoon, the Director left early to go to the game. The Rose Bowl is in Pasadena, about 30 miles northeast from the office, via a couple of freeways. Instead of driving there, he drove 30 miles southwest to the Long Beach airport. His pilot was waiting for him, so that they could fly to the Bob Hope airport in Burbank, where a driver would pick up the Director and drive him over to the Rose Bowl.

Maybe tomorrow, he’ll tell me who won.


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