Wednesday Wreck of the Week has died a slow death since I moved to LA. I thought for sure that there’d be more accidents to photograph, given the vast population of drivers out here. What I discovered was that, while there may be more accidents in Los Angeles than in Paris, Kentucky, they aren’t quite as much of a novelty to the locals. Instead of Kentucky State Troopers cordoning off an area on the expressway for five hours because a car ran off into the median, the LAPD clears accidents within moments of the event.

But, I wasn’t ready to give up the Wednesday photo, so for the new year, I’ve decided on a new feature called the Wednesday WTF photo. The concept is based loosely on David Letterman’s “Is This Anything?” I’ll post the photo, and you, dear reader(s) can decide WTF it might be. I’ll put the description/explanation in a mouseover, and once you tire of trying to figure out WTF it is, the solution will be at hand. If you care to check.

Without further ado, I present the first WWTF?P of 2006:


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