A friend and I went looking for some more Geocaches in Costa Mesa. He decided to take a break after we’d looked all over the place for the one located at N 33� 41.133 W 117� 53.214.

Then, le gasp! We found it!

Inside were paper logs dating back to the original placement of the cache in August of 2002, an army man, a glow-in-the-dark lizard, a Polly Pocket, a 1 cent stamp, a glass marble, and a wooden nickle. I took the nickle and left a paper flag.

The next Geocache was easier to find, because it was a place to visit at N 33� 41.356 W 117� 52.929. The place turned out to be the Noguchi Gardens!

Isamu Noguchi designed the California Scenario to include all facets of different parts of the state. There’s a forest walkway with grass and trees, a desert section with native plants, and a stream running through most of the installation. The stream starts at a freestanding waterfall.

All that relaxing garden goodness wore my friend out and I caught him taking a rest in the stream.

I knew he couldn’t last much longer, so I took him to eat at BJ’s Brewery. After all those drinks, he had a little trouble working out the tip at the end of our meal.


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