I was at the second annual Lebowski Fest Los Angeles inside the Knitting Factory and happened to see my friend hanging around.

After the Neu Tickles finished their set, Lu Elrod came out on stage and told us to keep our voices down, or she was going to have to ask us to leave.

I wandered around to some of the other rooms and discovered that SOME people had made new acquaintances.

Edie McClurg (“Grace” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… and, oh yes, she said, “They think he’s a righteous Dooood!” to the fanatical applause and audience appreciation) introduced Eddie Baytos and the Nervis Brothers. She played washboard. I’ve never, ever seen so many people mob an accordion player whenever he came close to the edge of the stage.

It turns out my friend was helping out with the autograph table all along.


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