A new guy voluntarily transferred from the New York office to our office and showed up today. I thought he’d be happy, but he’s still fairly wound up.

Him {smart-assedly): You have a GREAT view outside YOUR window. You get to see the mountains AND the Hollywood sign.

Me: Doesn’t your office window face the ocean?

Him: Sure, but from my angle, all I can see is the 405 and the cemetary.

Me: …

Him: I had my corner office in New York for TEN years and I had a GREAT view of the marina and the Statue of Liberty.

Me: …

Him: And I could WALK to work.

Later, he couldn’t decide if he should pay $150 a month to park his Aston Martin with the New Hampshire plates in the “regular” parking lot with the commoners, or if he should pay $225 a month to park in the VIP lot with the separate elevators.

I guess he’ll have to console himself at nights in his Pacific Palisades house that cost a Brazilian dollars.


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