This random guy wandered in to the office today. That’s not supposed to happen. It won’t happen after Monday, because they’re putting our floor on security lockdown. Once the Boss found out that one of the other floors gets to have a big lockdown, just because a European consulate’s office is there, he thought we should get at least the same treatment, as our net worth is probably more than that of the country in question.

Guy: Who does the printing of your business cards and letterhead stationery?

Me: That contract is awarded through a competetive bid process in our New York office.

Guy: Are you from the South?

Me: …

Guy: You are, aren’t you?

Me: No.

Guy: Yes, you are. I can tell. You have an accent.

Me: No, I don’t. And you can’t come into the office trying to solicit sales.

Guy: Can I leave you my card and some flyers?

Me: No.

Guy: …

Me: Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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