Today I went with some friends to Pacific Park. We decided to take the Big Blue Bus.

We stood for awhile outside the Venice Post Office while our driver had a break. It was then that I regretted not wearing a sweater, because the wind was howling. Our driver finally mosied on back to the bus and several people rushed the doors ahead of our group. The first two people must’ve talked to the driver for ten minutes about how to get wherever they were going, but they finally sat down. My group boarded and my friend decided to reenact his scene from the movie Speed.

All of his scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. Check the extended version on the DVD.

We zoomed down Main Street and quickly arrived at our stop.

I wonder if this is the very same magic clam that rescued Miles “Chatterbox” Musket from the sea and helped him build the city of Quahog.

My friend was bummed to find out he didn’t make the cut off.

But then he discovered that we all wanted to ride the ferris wheel together anyway.

I caught him digging the ride once or twice.

Save Ferris!


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