At work this morning:

Hysterical Co-Worker: It’s too cold to work in my office.

Me: Did you call the building operator?

HCW: Yeah, he’s in there now. I don’t even see how HE can work in there. It’s just freezing.

Me: Don’t you have a space heater?

HCW: Why should I have to use a space heater in my own office? The building should provide me with heat for my office.

Building Operator: Well, I’ve discovered the problem. And I double checked the office temperature and it’s 70 degrees.

Me: …

HCW: What’s the problem? Why is it so cold in there?

Building Operator: You had the thermostat set to 55, so the A/C has been running at full blast since whenever you did that.

HCW: Are you going to replace the thermostat?

Building Operator: …


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