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Actual Los Angeles craigslist postings:

HUGE Pantyhose Fetish! Let’s share pics

Looking to share HOT pics with anyone wearing pantyhose, garter belts, body suits etc! I love to see men and he shes in pantyhose.

Let me know if you want to see a specific pose; you name it!

DON’T BOTHER if you don’t have pics to trade; I won’t even respond.

I want to see you look hot!

Experienced, Good Looking Submissive Looking for Mistress to Serve

Are you tired of cleaning your house, doing your laundry, dishes, and other petty work?

Have you ever thought about having a free obedient male slave/servant/maid?

If so I’m the one for You.

I am a 30 year old submissive boy who needs a dominating woman to serve. I’m 6’3 200 pounds, Italian and Spanish descent. I’m very obedient, hard working, and eager to please. I don’t want any Reciprocation because I get tremendous pleasure out of simply serving as a maid/slave/servant.

I like being humiliated, controlled, bossed around, disciplined, forced feminized, and trained to serve Your way. but I will not expect any of this from you unless You feel like it, after all its about serving YOU.

Real Life Irishman In Town For Today and Tomorrow Only

I do feel a little silly for advertising my nationality, but I’m amazed by how many Americans think it’s cool to be from Europe and specifically Ireland – “dude, that’s awesome! My great, great, great grandmother was Irish!”

And women definitely like my accent. So I figure I should work with what I’ve been given.

I’m in town for the weekend, looking for a little adventure, a little fun. Open-minded about what form that could take. Most likely meeting for drinks, but who knows.

I know you’re unlikley to be interested in such trivial details as what I look like, but just in case, I’m easy on the eye and in decent shape.



Today I got my first manicure ever. I had to look nice because it’s my turn to pull the balls at the rectory tonight.


Raven: There’s plenty of Man Candy out there. Lolly Dudes… Sugar Homies…


I decided to do some geocaching on my lunch hour because I just *had* to get out of the office. I grabbed Little Wage and we headed over to N 34� 03.930 W 118� 26.476.

Walking over there was easy enough, but finding the cache proved a bit difficult.

The squirrels were so tame, one came over and sniffed my hand. Maybe he thought I was a nut.


Heard while watching The Poseidon Adventure:

I saw this in Titanic.

Is this a comedy?

I saw this in Titanic.

Leslie Nielsen is the captain? No wonder the ship sinks.

I saw this in Titanic.

Hey, it’s Victor Borgnine. Oh, right. Ernest. Ernest Borgnine.

I saw this in Titanic.

Hey, it’s that guy from The French Connection.

I saw this in Titanic.

Hey, it’s that guy from Planet of the Apes.

I saw this in Titanic.

Dude! Shelly Winters? There’s loads of famous people in this movie.

I saw this in Titanic.

Look! There’s more people walking around. Is this a zombie movie?

I saw this in Titanic.

I’m going to turn this off if you can’t keep quiet.


Me: I can’t find my tights. Do you have a pair I could borrow?

Brian: Follow me.

Me: …

Brian: {walks down hall} Ah, yes. Here we are. {knocks on bookcase} {secret passageway opens}

Me: …

Brian: {turns tumbler} {throws back door of enormous vault} What color did you need?

Me: {temporarily blinded by light} {dazzled by vast array of tights in every Hue} Black.

Brian: Let me see. Color 1A. Right by the door. How many pairs would you like?

Me: Uh, just one, thanks.

Brian: Hue. Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.


At work, via Instant Messenger:

J: Do you know where G is?

Me: She just went to the copy room.

J: Thanks.

{five minutes later}

Me: Now she just walked by with an armload of Fiji waters.

J: She’s on top of things.

{five minutes later}

Me: Now she just got on the elevator with D. and a cart.

J: …

Me: I’ll stop now.

J: I was just about to say.

Me: I couldn’t help myself.

J: Obviously.


Wacky Phone Call of the Day:

Guy: I need directions to Mr. X’s office.

Me: We don’t have anyone in this office by that name.

Guy: I know.

Me: …

Guy: He doesn’t work in your office.

Me: Where does he work, then?

Guy: In a different office.

Me: …

Guy: I’ve been trying to call him all morning, but his line is busy.

Me: Let me look him up in the directory… Ah, here he is in the Century City office.

Guy: No, that’s not it.

Me: That’s not it?

Guy: No.

Me: …

Guy: …

Me: …

Guy: I don’t know what to do now.

Me: …

Guy: Do you have any suggestions?

Me: You could email him.

Guy: Yes! Yes, that’s what I’ll do.