Contents of the Easter box mailed to me by my mother:

One 52 x 70 vinyl tablecloth with Easter egg pattern (and a sticky note which reads, “If it’s the wrong size, cut it to fit. Love you all”).

Two Easter stripe oven mitts.

One Easter flower kitchen towel.

One Easter flower fingertip towel.

One pack Easter bunny, egg and flower plates.

One pack Easter bunny, egg and flower napkins.

One large bag Swedish Fish.

One box Sugar Free Fruit Punch flavored drink mix (and a sticky note which reads, “This is pretty good. It’s easy, too. If you don’t like it, pitch it or take it to work and put it in your lounge. Someone may like it”).

One 4 oz. bag Mingua Brothers teriyaki beef jerky.

Three packs chick Peeps (one each yellow, purple and blue)

One enormous blue watch (and a sticky note which reads, “I ordered some stuff and was supposed to get one of these, but they sent me two. If no one wants it, put it in the Donate Bag”).

Five individual snack pack bags Doritos, Original Nacho Cheese Flavor (“New Look, Same Great Taste”).

One 14.5 oz. bag chocolate animal crackers.

Three plastic eggs filled with stickers and fruity candy (One each Lil Bratz, Dora the Explorer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Four Cadbury chocolate bars (one Fruit & Nut, one Royal Dark and two Dairy Milk).

One bag peanut butter filled pretzels.

One bag Starburst (Limited Edition Icy Burst Flavor Inside!).

Three Easter Puzzle Paks plus tubes filled with candy.

Five Chap Ice lip balms (one cherry, one lime, one orange, two medicated).

Six metallic stretch belts.

One shark-shaped beach towel.

Five Easter cards.


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