Marukan, MS and LB returneth!

Marukan to Brian: And you can use this guitar CD to learn how to play.

MS to Brian: Do you want a bag of dried fruit and gross stuff?

LB to Brian: Butt.

Marukan to me {hands me enormous duffel bag}: Here, Sherpa.

MS: Do you think I’m pessimistic?
Marukan: Remember that time I said, “At least it’s not raining bullets” and you said, “I hate the sun”?
MS: I’m not Emo.
Marukan: I wish my lawn were Emo. Then it would cut itself.

Marukan: And she was telling us this story and when he came back from the bathroom, he said, “You aren’t telling them about the time you killed Frank’s pig, are you?” and she said no, she was telling us about some ruckusing teenage boys who let all the animals out of their pens on Halloween.


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