I “control” two electronically locked doors from two different buttons under my desk at work. I have long realized that many people find it easier to walk through my area and “let” me open the doors for them, rather than them bothering to carry their own keys and open any of the other hundred doors around the office that I don’t control.

However, today, I’m beginning to suspect that one woman walks back and forth just because. She’ll walk out the one door and towards the other, so I’ll unlock the other one. Then she’ll be on the other side for half a second and come out, then walk back to the first door, so I’ll unlock that one. She’s actually stopped halfway before, after I’ve unlocked the other door… then has turned around and gone back in the first door, that I’ve just had to unlock again.

It’s like one of those arcade games with the badger that goes back and forth and you try to shoot it. Or at least, it should be.

Because I’d use live ammo today.


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