Actual Los Angeles craigslist postings:

HUGE Pantyhose Fetish! Let’s share pics

Looking to share HOT pics with anyone wearing pantyhose, garter belts, body suits etc! I love to see men and he shes in pantyhose.

Let me know if you want to see a specific pose; you name it!

DON’T BOTHER if you don’t have pics to trade; I won’t even respond.

I want to see you look hot!

Experienced, Good Looking Submissive Looking for Mistress to Serve

Are you tired of cleaning your house, doing your laundry, dishes, and other petty work?

Have you ever thought about having a free obedient male slave/servant/maid?

If so I’m the one for You.

I am a 30 year old submissive boy who needs a dominating woman to serve. I’m 6’3 200 pounds, Italian and Spanish descent. I’m very obedient, hard working, and eager to please. I don’t want any Reciprocation because I get tremendous pleasure out of simply serving as a maid/slave/servant.

I like being humiliated, controlled, bossed around, disciplined, forced feminized, and trained to serve Your way. but I will not expect any of this from you unless You feel like it, after all its about serving YOU.

Real Life Irishman In Town For Today and Tomorrow Only

I do feel a little silly for advertising my nationality, but I’m amazed by how many Americans think it’s cool to be from Europe and specifically Ireland – “dude, that’s awesome! My great, great, great grandmother was Irish!”

And women definitely like my accent. So I figure I should work with what I’ve been given.

I’m in town for the weekend, looking for a little adventure, a little fun. Open-minded about what form that could take. Most likely meeting for drinks, but who knows.

I know you’re unlikley to be interested in such trivial details as what I look like, but just in case, I’m easy on the eye and in decent shape.


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