Y’all know about my inability to get any type of proper radio reception in my car. I’ve been able to get by with the two or three stations that come in fairly clearly, but there’s been a big shake up in the LA morning drive scene. Dickie Barrett was fired from the 103.1 show I listened to when I couldn’t stand anymore NPR nonsense, and then the other station I don’t listen to dumped their Jamie, Jack and Stench people. This left quite the void in my listening choices.

I tried listening to the Espanol Rap channel, but I can’t understand what they’re saying. Even when they’re rapping en Ingles.

I tried listening to the Rock Oldies channel, but they only played songs from the 1980’s and we don’t need to relive all that again. Though sometimes it’s nice to hear what everyone else was listening to back in those days.

I tried listening to the Dance/Trance channel, but a hypnotic, dreamlike state doesn’t make for optimal driving conditions. Or so I discovered. Accidentally.

I tried listening to the Anime channel, but I couldn’t read the subtitles and drive at the same time.

I tried listening to the Bassmaster channel, but it was hard to hear the casting over the din of traffic. Plus, I only have a half-hour listening window and it was more than taken up with the sounds of beer cans opening.

I ended up on the Religious channel. It was a circuitous route, and I happened upon it by repeated use of the “seek” button. The reason I programmed the station button on the radio is solely because Alistair the preacher is on from 8:00 until 8:30 AM. For thirty uninterrupted minutes, I get to listen to yer Scotsman ramble on about Christ’s teachings. He could talk about auto repair or frog dissection or Bavarian architecture, and I’d still listen. That listening to him might save my eternal soul is just a bonus.



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