I got a call from (708) 269-8747 at six in the morning. Yes, I was just as surpised as everyone else to find out there was a six IN THE MORNING. I let the call go to voice mail so that I could transcribe the results for you, my faithful readers.

Hey, Norm. This is Gregory Abenante. I’m hopin’ this is your number still. Uh, tell you what… just to play it safe… if you can… I’m in Florida now. Give me a call at (352) 527-3995.

I wanted to catch you up on this whole thing with the Canadians and they have some great opportunities here. But the bottom line is… right now I sent you an email through an old ad of yours at HCD. I found it by accident and I realized after first trying to go through your “dnormh” email… which is… DEFUNCT, obviously… that maybe that was an old ad and that message… basically, my LETTER… never got through to you.

So, I’m trying to call you now. So give me a call at (352) 527-3995, if you’d like… and I’ll kinda… fill you in and let you know what’s goin’ on.

Bye man. We’ll see you around.


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