Actual Los Angeles craigslist ads:

Guy from Ireland looking for a U.S girl to let me clean her Kitchen – m4w – 35

Hello Ladies,

Irish guy new to the U.S, Want to act out my life long fantasy,
Would love to clean your kitchen naked,
Maybe you could have a girlfriend with you if it makes you feel more comfortable.
All you have to do is watch,
Clean fun,

Mail me please

Driver/Personal Assistant to Wife of Busy Writer/Producer

Wife of busy writer/producer seeks young, bright, with clean driving record, to drive to Pasadena M-F to pick up my children from school. Prefer if you live close to Hancock Park area. In addition, will need you to do errands and assist cleaning and cooking in the kitchen. You will need to provide car. Need to get along with children. English must be your first language. College graduate, reliable, flexible, punctual and need references. Must provide DMV record.

Compensation: $12/hr + gas

30 Min. Free “Life Coaching” Sessions. I want to refine my skills.


I’m a Life Coach in a certification program. I am already very skilled but I am a perfectionist so I’m giving free sessions to those interested. If you need me to pay for the call let me know. Below is a light description of coaching. Thanks for looking!

Coaching is a very unique relationship where the client and coach focus on getting things into balance and figuring out what it means to be completely fulfilled in every area of the client’s life.

I have been trained to listen at very deep levels while I’m in a conversation and I ask crafted powerful questions to bring about huge change in thinking and in taking action.

After a breakthrough, the client usually commits to specific “forwarding” action. As a coach, I get to be accessed as an accountability partner which proves to be a great incentive to getting people to follow through with the idea.

I usually work on subjects such as career, personal growth, friends and family, health, etc. but I’m open to whatever the client brings to the table.

It’s my job to see the best in people even when they can’t see it in themselves and I love playing that part.

I’ve helped many people make huge breakthroughs and that’s an incredible feeling.

Coaching is usually done once a week and preferably on the phone.

A good example of a coaching question is:

“What is the one thing you could change that would make the biggest positive difference in your life?”

I can make a difference!


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