While reading the movie calendar and waiting for Aliens – the 20th anniversary showing – to begin:

Me: Oh, look. They’ll be showing a movie with Peter Cushing in it.

Brian: Yes, I think he’s in several they’ll be showing.

Me: He was Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars.

Brian: Well, yes, but he was part of the whole Hammer Horror set of films.

Me: And look! There’s another movie with Christopher Lee in it.

Brian: Yes, he was in the same set of films with Peter Cushing.

Me: He was Count Dooku AND Darth Tyranus in Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3.

Brian: There really are other films beside Star Wars on which to base your actor references.

Me: Well, here’s one with Jack Palance and he wasn’t in Star Wars.

Brian: No, he was in Le mepris.

Me: And City Slickers.

Brian: …


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