Special Follow up Edition!

It would seem my mother’s email is working again.

2:00 AM: Hello. I’m just seeing if it works.

2:03 AM: Let me know if you received that last message I sent at 2 AM.

2:16 AM: I just sent a message and I got that dang error message. Wish I knew someone who could come over here and fix it. I’m still up because I’m all wound up. I’ll probably never sleep tonight.

2:18 AM: Is it working or not? Email me.

2:20 AM: Gosh it must be working, I saw that it went. Wonder, did it fix itself?

6:31 AM: I think it is working.

6:57 AM: Hi girl. I left George (the tech guy at work) a message early this AM like 12:30 or 1 AM telling him my problem and asked him to call me. He did and he got me to go through internet explorer. What I do is hit internet explorer then hit “connect” on my dial-up connection. Then it brings up this web page and at the top of this I hit “mail” then I hit “read mail” and continue doing it like I use to, so I guess that’s the way I’ll do it from now on.

8:32 AM: I sent you an email around 7ish this morning. Well I hit send and nothing happened then all of a sudden I get this “Fatal exception OE has occured. I needed to hit any key to terminate the current application etc. Then at the bottom of this message it said “to press any key to terminate the current application or Press CTRL ALT DEL again to restart your computer.” Well I did this and the dang message just stayed there. I turned it off the goofy way and when I came home now I was able to get in my email (hopefully this message will go, I’ll see. When you get home just pull it up and see if you got that email. And I know you have stuff to do, but just say “I got it.” and go on and do what you have to and later in your night you can send me a goodier email. I hope when I hit “send” now it will go.

This is nerve-wrecking to me, you know how I look forward to my emails.

9:32 AM: Is my email working??????


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