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Wage was throwing rocks!

Wage throws down rocks tonight



After a gust of wind:

Me: That lady in the blue skirt isn’t wearing any underwear.

He: Way ahead of you.


After work, a bit of recreation! Good thing Target has been working out, since he put one bowling ball at the end of each arm.

One for each arm

I am the walrus

Target: Were you listening to Wage’s story?

Snuggle Bear: I was bowling–

Target: So you have no frame of reference, Snuggle Bear. You’re like a child who wanders in in the middle of a movie and wants to know–

Wage: What’s your point, Target?


It’s only his second day on the job, but the New New New Tech Guy has already exceeded all expectations of the position set by his predecessor. He’s much cuter than the New New Tech guy, even if he IS three times as old.

Who shall I say is calling?


The New New New Tech Guy got settled in at his desk this morning.

New New New Tech Guy


Job Interviewer: Say you made a major mistake on the job and that mistake caused you to miss an important deadline. How would you deal with that type of situation?

Me: OMG! Do you have a hidden camera in my office? Because, man, last month? When I completely forgot to itemize those six invoices over all the eighteen separate cost centers and then accounts payable freaked out and charged the entire amount to a different cost center which caused that account holder to burst a blood vessel and a memo was issued that said my credit card privileges had been terminated? Do you mean like that kind of situation?

Job Interviewer: Yes. How would you deal with that type of situation?

Me: I guess I’d be out at job interviews.


We went to the Aero to see the 70 mm screening of The Sound of Music this afternoon. A crowd of people were clumped together in a line that snaked up the block. But the line was like a sleeping snake that had eaten something and was all bulged out in the middle.

Once we made it inside the theater, we rushed to our seats in the second row to ensure we could see a 25 foot tall Captain von Trapp in his naval uniform at the wedding, and in his formal evening wear at the party. And, well… the scene with the leather pants… whew! Good thing I had my hand in a bucket of ice water!

Wage enjoys The Sound of Music


My mother’s weekly summer church picnic review: St Polycarp

Do you still want the picnic review? If so, here’s St. Polycarp’s chicken dinner review. Senior Citizens cost was $7.00, so that was not bad. You got your chicken – either a breast and wing or a leg & thigh. Then you got small whole round brown potatoes (that seemed to be baked), you got green beans and noodles. At the tables you got your tea or kool-aide (THAT was different) and your summer salad. You could get seconds of green beans and noodles and you could have seconds of chicken, but just the leg and thigh part.

All in all it was a pretty good dinner, maybe the best one yet.

Then I played $3 on the cake wheel and had no luck. We all left around 6:30.

Love ya