Every summer, the Catholic churches in Louisville advertise their annual chicken supper held on Saturdays. For the most part, neighboring churches try not to have their picnics the same Saturday, so people can look forward to going to different ones each week. My parents attend these picnics religiously and my mother emails me the details the next day. I’d already decided to share this info with you, my lovely reader(s), but all I got today was the name of the church they’d gone to yesterday. I was forced to write back and request church picnic details!

So now, I present to you the First Ever Church Picnic Review by my mother: St. Clement

Yes, the church picnics started today and there’ll be one every Saturday from now on. We went to St Clement’s. We met your brother and his family and his wife’s parents, then your aunt and and a lady friend of hers and we all sat together. It was nice. The weather wasn’t too bad; a little warm but every now and then you got a breeze. They had 4:00 Mass, so we went to that first. They remodeled their church and it is really beautiful.

I’ve made up my mind when I go to these church picnics this year instead of playing the cake wheel until I win a cake, I’m only going to spend 2 or 3 dollars. If I don’t win, I don’t win.

At the chicken supper they had of course chicken, green beans & corn together, noodles, mashed potatoes, beets, cole slaw, bread and tea. Pretty lot of food. Seconds on everything except chicken. It was $6.50 for senior citizens.

Love ya


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