Actual Los Angeles craigslist ads:

Looking For 35 and up! Hip-Hop Grandmas-Casting Call

Looking for Americas Hippest Hip-Hop Grandma: Can you rap a verse or sing your favorite Hip-Hop song? Can you move your body to a Hip-Hop Beat! WE WANT TO MEET YOU!!!! AMERICA WILL VOTE!!!!

NEW TV SHOW: Hip-Hop Grandmas The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly coming to a TV near you…

Open to all Races and Backgrounds!!!!
You Must be a Grandma and 35 and up!

Do come!!!! with your big personality, ready to have fun!!!!

Grandmas DO NOT WEAR GREEN…. For filming purpose only do not wear green…

Job location is Hollywood
Compensation: $10,000.00 and a CAR!!! GO Granny!

I have too much crap… help me!

I’m moving into a smalller place, much smaller, like postage stamp smaller.
I have far too much stuff to fit into this new place. So I’m looking to liquidate most of my large bulky crap for some new streamlined crap.

Meet some of the crap…

Paintball gear, I have absolutly everything you need to start playing today. I’ve invested way too much money into the sport, now I need to get rid of my extra crap.

Old fashioned parking meeter, for looks only. has no real function but it does make an bitchin hat rack.


will consider almost any offer but keep in mind that I’m a 19 year old kid. I don’t want massages or my credit repaired, and I really have no use for a website or to have my chi adjusted even if your sessions usually sell for millions of dollars.

Ideas of what I want:
electronics, decent stuff, not your old bettamax player.
performance parts of old vw beetles.
some snowbord boots or pants.
cash is always welcome.

Free Hedgehog

Hedgehog for free. Cute as a button but mean as a snake. Took off the postman’s hand at the wrist (whatever . . . he was a weakling, really old, and shouldn’t have been messing with “hedgy” in the first place. plus, he “maced” him when he was just a little hoggling). Landlord says he’s got to go or he’s calling the cops. You must pick up. Cage and restraints included, but you must lure him into the cage and restrain him. Bring as many people as you want, well, don’t bring more than 4 people, really, but they should be strong, fast, and have elbow length welder-type gloves – thick leather or chain mail. If you are a vet (veterinarian or veteran) or animal trainer, it’s a plus. Feel free to bring any type of sedatives or medicine to slow him down/calm him, but bring your own syringe; you cannot use mine. Must sign release. Not good with other animals or people. Killed my neighbor’s cat, but my neighbor is an ass.

Fast response appreciated.


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