This week’s bonus! A two for one Saturday picnic review from my mother!

Review #1 – Mandatory workplace picnic

Review #2 – St. Lawrence

No one was excited about going to the work picnic. The office was furnishing the meat and soft drinks, everyone else was bringing a dish. See what happened in reference to the work picnic was that C’s husband W took us. He wasn’t feeling good at all but he said he wanted us to at least show up for awhile. He said he had a terrible headache and his stomach was bothering him. He let us off at our site and he found a tree that had lots of shade and he stayed in the van and laid the seat back and slept.

We got there around 12:15, and were the first ones there except for the guys that were setting things up. A lot of people started coming so they started grilling the dogs and hamburgers and we set the other foods up and we started eating about 1:15. There were potato salads, delicious baked beans, pasta salads, veg. trays, potato casserole, all kinds of desserts, and soft drinks & water. Well, as soon as C and I got finished eating we excused ourselves, since W wasn’t feeling good (we had a great excuse to leave) and we left. We weren’t that crazy about going in the first place. I was home by 2:20.

It was a very nice park. I was so perturbed, as were other people there. This one girl in our dept. said she was going to bring her 2 monster dogs. One is a German Shepard and the other one is a border-line collie. They were BIG dogs. I had told her I didn’t think it was a good idea to bring them to the picnic, but I’m old, what the heck do I know. Well she brought them, and all the little kids were afraid of them. She had them on a leash, and they kept barking and of all the stupid things she could have done she brought them into the area where the food was and a couple of us just about died. Finally she did take them and put them in the car, and she came and told me “I wish I had listened to you.” See, just goofishness.

Then we went to St. Lawrence’s picnic. I think you went with us one time there. Dad and I went to their 4:00 mass then on back to the picnic.

The food was not good at all. Whoever fried the chicken just about burned it, it was so dark brown brown. You got mashed potatoes, noodles (why mashed potatoes & noodles too I don’t understand) ( and the noodles were so thick, they were like paste! Sure they needed more juice on them) and green beans (very salty), and summer salad and tea and bread. Senior Citizens paid $7. Everybody else paid $8. Like I said not a very good supper.

I played $2 on the cake booth and didn’t win. Another winless cake picnic.

Now next Saturday is St. Paul’s picnic and supper. I’ll have to give you an update on that one next week.

Love ya


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