Last night’s Rocky Horror Picture Show was held at the NuWilshire Theater, since the NuArt is being renovated during the month of June. Differences between the two theaters included new and humorless security personnel, a lack of protective curtain in front of the screen, and a projectionist who couldn’t find the Play button for several minutes. I’m sure everything will be sorted out in time for the screenings to leave.

My favorite security guy had a new whip for flogging, but didn’t use it on anyone because he didn’t want to be all Rambo/First Blood about it at the classier theater. He said I could see him after the show, though.

The lady sitting next to me had a marvelous manicure.

Ms. Manicure

The OTHER lady sitting next to me had an equally stunning set of nails.

Nice Nails!

There’s no photo of my own nails, because no one needs to see that.


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