Shout out to Marukan for a Happy Birthday!

To celebrate, we went to Jerry’s Famous Deli. As soon as we arrived, Wage started to check out the dessert menu.

Wage checks the dessert menu

Marukan ordered the cobb salad without avocado and with extra olivey goodness.

Jerry's Famous Deli Cobb Salad

It was a good thing Wage read the dessert menu, because he knew that Marukan could order a banana split consisting of one chocolate and two strawberry ice creams with one pineapple and two strawberry sauces, all covered in whipped cream with a side of chocolate sauce, nuts and sprinkles.

Jerry's Famous Deli Banana Split

After all that food, there was no room in anyone’s tummy for birthday cake. Mr. Gator is safe for another day, at least. If he doesn’t eat himself first.

Self-Eating Birthday Cake


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