My mother’s weekly summer church picnic review: St Paul

You got a half of a chicken, noodles, corn, and green beans and summer salad, tea, milk, or coffee for $7.00 Senior citizens paid $6.00, and for the price it was good. You could get seconds of corn, green beans and noodles. The noodles were not “great”, but they were better than we’ve had at any of the other suppers.

Then we all sat around and talked for a while. I had to work in the capital prize booth. I have never worked at ANY booth at the picnic. But this crazy gal talked me into it. I like her a whole lot because she is so much fun. Her and her husband were in charge of this booth. They pulled out the 2 lucky names at 11PM. And of course, neither one was ours.

Dad said he was going to try to win me a cake, so he played the cake wheel and would you believe he won 3 times! So I went and picked out the cakes. For two tickets, I was able to get a teddy bear cake, which I’ll take over to your brother’s tomorrow. Then for the other ticket I got a chocolate cake with white icing.

And would you believe, the weather man said no rain today. Around 8PM a storm came through with blowing wind and rain. It did this for at least half hour to 45 min. That really killed our picnic, because it never did get crowded after that any more. We had like an awning over head for the sun and that thing got weighted down with the rain water and that made a mess, but we survived. I’ve already told them I’m working that booth again next year. And I couldn’t believe dad hung around through the whole ordeal. I kept asking him if he was getting tired, because if he was we would leave, but he said “no, he was fine, he was people watching”.

We finally got home around 11:30. I am very sleepy now and I have to go out in the kitchen and get dad’s pills all separated for him for the whole week.

Love ya


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