The new guy at work got promoted, so they’ve hired him an assistant. He was training the assistant at my desk this morning.

Supervisors delegate

While they were busy, I went downstairs to talk to the Car Wash Guy. Over the winter holidays, he’d given me a gift certificate for a free car wash, and I’d only just now decided to cash it in. It was only after I couldn’t tell what color the car was anymore due to all the tree sap and assorted grime build up that I thought it was time for a good scrubbing.

The Car Wash Guy handed back my keys AND the gift certificate.

CWG: Bring me a different car to wash and then use this certificate.

Me: What?

CWG: Oh, I washed it, but your car is an all day job. The interior is like… some sort of science experiment gone bad. And the exterior… well, let’s just say I’m a perfectionist, and there’s no way I could even get your car in to any kind of shape that I would be happy with. Don’t even tell people you got it washed here. And don’t bring it back, either.

Me: …


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