My parents went to see Tom Jones and my mother sent me her concert review:

We ate a ham sandwich and some potato salad around 4:30 before we left for the concert. It didn’t start until 7:30. We left home at 5:30 as dad wanted to get the handicapped parking place we had when we went there and bought the tickets. It was right next to the elevator. Well, we got there before 6 and it was already taken, and the car that was parked there didn’t have a handicapped tag or license plate! Technically we could have caused a stink and had the car towed. but we didn’t.

The group that came on first was… well what can I say – half and half. For one thing, they played so loud you couldn’t understand a word the singer was saying. This is just not US saying this, because people in the hall, and people in the bathrooms all said “I didn’t understand a word he was singing.” Dad said even in the men’s bathroom they were talking about it.

Tom Jones sang from about 8:30 till almost 10:00.


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