My mother’s weekly summer church picnic review: Holy Family Church

Well waas up? Here’s the report you have been anxiously waiting for: Re. Chicken Dinner at Holy Family Church.

Mass was to be at 3:30, so we left here at 2, since we had never been to this church before and didn’t know the lay of the land. We try to leave early so we can always get a handicapped parking space close to church. Anyway, we got there around 2:30, so we sat out in the van.

After church we went over in their gym to eat. If you wanted a half chicken it was $7; if you wanted 1/4 of a chicken it was $6. Well, I wanted the half, as I like to take the breast home and have a chicken sandwich later. Dad got 1/4.

Then you went up to the serving table and you got green beans, noodles and very good cole slaw. It was marinated in sweet and sour liquid. Yummy. And you got a huge yeast roll, tea or lemonade.

Everything was delicious. The best we’ve had so far this year. Then you got a small cup of ice cream.

The only thing wrong with this dinner was there were no seconds. This one elderly man was clearing off the tables and I said “there’s no seconds of the vegetables?” He said I’m just not sure but I’ll find out. Well, he came back to us with a pretty big cup of noodles. He said “Lady, I took care of you. All I ask is you come back next year.” I thought that was so nice of him. So dad and I split the cup. Those noodles were the best.

I tried to win a cake but no luck. We left there around 6 ish.

Love ya!


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