My mother’s weekly summer church picnic review: St. Helen’s (her first review vanished into the ether, so this is a halfhearted attempt at recreating the original mail)

I’m not in the mood of writing about St. Helen’s picnic now, since everything I wrote last night fell in the fire.

Anyway, it cost $8 and you got a fourth of a chicken, green beans, those little new potatoes (they are red and had the skins on them; gosh they were delicious). Then you got noodles, a cup of summer salad and tea. You could have seconds or thirds or whatever of everything, even the chicken, which was very nice. Then they had chocolate and yellow iced cakes – very good also, and as many as you wanted.

Just between you and me, if they asked me “how were your noodles?” (as they swear their noodles are the best), I’d have to tell them they were good. But actually they lacked something. I really wasn’t excited over them and their chicken was a little salty. It was alright, though, and true for $8 you did get a lot.

It was a wonderful night for a picnic. I did win a cake on less than a dollar. Your aunt won one too. I got a red velvet cake and I thought of Marukan, as I know she likes red velvet cake. Then your aunt and I played bingo. I did not win, but your aunt won one game. I think she got $6. They gave you half of what they collected for that game.

Love ya


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