Tech tips of the day:

Tip #1 – When deciding to install updates on your iBook (and I’m sure this goes for any sort of laptop in general), don’t forget to connect the computer to an external power source before you walk away from it and go to bed for the night. This tip is especially handy in the event that your battery is only charged up to 34%, because what will happen is that the whole system will die RIGHT AS the critical security update is installing and you will cry because your iBook won’t boot and you never backed anything up and it’s all your own fault that you’ve lost years worth of saved YouTube videos and you’re convinced you’ll never see the Ma Ya Hi guy again.

Tip #2 – Keep at least 3 GB of space free on your hard drive, so that when you are finally able to talk someone in to “loaning” you a copy of OS X, you can reinstall your operating system without wrecking all the stuff you thought you’d lost forever.

Oh, sweet Numa Numa!


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