The Loud Stereo Neighbor was at it again this morning. Maybe his hearing has gone and that’s why he needs to turn up the volume on his Freddie Mercury Tribute CD.

He was standing outside when the police showed up. Since my door was open, I got to hear the exchange.

LSN: Too loud?

Cop #1: Your stereo is too loud.

LSN: {incomprehensible monologue that sounds like it might be English}

Cop #2: Er, you need to turn down the volume on your stereo, sir.

LSN: {garbled Liverpudlian rant}

Cop #1: Thank you.

As the officers walked back past my door:

Cop #1: I couldn’t understand a word he said. What was that?

Cop #2: Maybe he’s Irish.

Cop #1: He could be a member of the IRA.

Me: …


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