I went to a different grocery store and found the check out guy and bagger to be way more talkative than the ones working at my usual place. They were discussing whether or not the check out guy’s new joke was funny or not and the bagger invited me to give it a listen and decide for myself.

COG: What did the monkey say when it fell out of the tree?
Me: Umm… ouch?
COG: “I fell out of the tree.”
Me: …
COG: You’ll get it later.
Me: …

The bagger said the joke was no funnier later, and he should know, as he’d heard it at the beginning of his shift hours ago. They asked if I knew any jokes and I repeated to them the last joke I’d read, which was Rainey’s Leprechaun Joke on Nelly’s blog.

“So, this guy and a leprechaun walk in to a bar and they both order a pint. The leprechaun starts to drink his pint and I can’t remember the rest of the joke.”

The both of them fell out laughing and said it was the best joke they’d heard all night.

Thanks, Rainey!


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